Low-toxicity Design

Headaches? Drowsiness? Fatigue? Asthma? Respiratory problems? Eye or nose irritations? Dermatitis or Skin irritations? Kidney or liver damage? Chromosomal damage? Cancer?

These are all scientifically proven conditions caused by or enhanced by indoor air pollutants such as:

- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

- Formaldehyde

- Inorganic Oxides

- Particulates

- Biocontaminants

- Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Certain materials and incorrect construction / design techniques contribute to a build up of these pollutants within buildings. Most people spend a large percentage of their lifetime inside a building. The constitution of the air within these buildings is directly related to the materials used and the design of the building. Both short and long term exposure to indoor air pollutants such as VOC’s can have significant detrimental health consequences to those who inhale them. By looking at all the alternatives and using the correct materials, glues / resins, paints, floor coverings and design / construction techniques, lbd can significantly reduce the levels of harmful indoor air pollutants within your building, contributing to your improved health and wellbeing.